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​出水邸鍾乳洞 / Demizu limestone cavern


H3000×W3700×D3800  polyester, sewing thread, wastes of daily life

香川/小豆島三都半島 三都半島アートプロジェクト2021 海が少し見える小さい窓一つもつ

 Mito Art Project 2021: A small window with a little view of the sea



Mr. Demizu, the owner of the barn where his works are exhibited, seems to have lived in Kamiura for a long time. The main residence was dismantled this summer, but there were many things in the barn left behind that give a sense of Mr. Demizu's daily life in Kounoura. In this work, I used pillars, floorboards, pestles, pots and pans, and other items that still bear the marks of daily life.
The white grains covering them are called "shibori," and are made by squeezing them one by one by hand. The accumulation of labor and time spent making the shibori is intertwined with the traces of memories of Demizu's life in order to create an abstract expression of the accumulation of Demizu's daily activities.
The space where the memories of daily life and the accumulation of time intersect is like a stalactite cave.


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