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​星つぶの彼方 / beyond the stars


H4000×W13000×D4000  polyester, sewing thread
広島/ヱビデンギャラリー 広島市現代美術館館外企画 松本千里展

 Hiroshima City Museum of Contemporary Art, Outside Exhibition:

Chisato Matsumoto, Ebiden Gallery, Hiroshima, Japan



This is an installation work in which grains of shibori seem to be sucked deep into the space. As the apertures gather, they form a whirlpool and are sucked into the depths of the space. The six whirlpools are drawn in different directions, from left to right. The work can be viewed morning, noon, and night, and its expression changes depending on the environment, such as October sunlight and sunlight through the trees, cloudy weather and rain, clear winter air, and snowy days.
This shibori grain is an independent entity, yet it is sucked into the vortex as if it were irresistibly flowing into the depths. In the daytime, the sunlight from the street shines into the gallery all day long, casting a deep and clear shadow on the aperture grain, making it so faintly dark that it is swallowed into the back of the gallery.
At night, on the other hand, the gallery is illuminated from within by the lights of the gallery, so that the center of the vortex, which was dark during the day, becomes luminous and luminous. At first glance, the darkness may be so deep that we cannot see where we are going, but I put the message that there is brightness and hope on the way. I myself felt helpless and anxious about the future after the Corona disaster, so I thought I could convey through my work that there is light for those who are feeling the same way.


photo: Uchida Kazuhiro

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