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H1800×W1100×D100  polyester, sewing thread

広島/合人社ひとまちプラザ  テーマ制作展"境界"

The themed exhibition "Boundary", Hitomachi Plaza, Gyoshinsha, Hiroshima.

作品 展示風景.jpg



Soft sculptures were created using elastic polyester fabric and the tie-dyeing technique of weaving.
The raised and undulating shapes do not use a core material, but make use of the characteristics of the fabric, and the sagging and tension of the cloth allows the individual strands of the tie to stand up and form a three-dimensional shape.
The pillars in the building where the work is exhibited are likened to those of a company building, and the work is inspired by the horrors of overtime work, showing people struggling and suffering under the constraints of their jobs.
The three sides of the pillars are used to create an image of a building that is slowly being eroded and spreading from the centre of the pillars, eventually covering the entire building, making the viewer more aware of the space. By touching the aperture, the viewer can get closer to the world of the work.

作品 正面.jpg

photo: Hashimoto Kensuke

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