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​しゃにむにの先 / Beyond one's wildest dreams


H2800×W2000×D2000  polyester, sewing thread

山形/東北芸術工科大学  第11回国際絞り会議 全国学生選抜展

Yamagata/Tohoku University of Art & Design

11th International Tie Conference National Student Selection




The interior of the tubular work does not use a core material, but makes use of the compression caused by the coarseness and density of the cloth, and I imagined a work that boils up from the ground like a tornado just by sewing the unevenness of the surface.
The gravity of the cloth itself, which is applied by the hanging of the work, makes possible a slow and rapid three-dimensionality of the surface, which allows the viewer to turn and appreciate the natural direction of the aperture and the fluid overall view, rather than the controlled three-dimensionality, and to feel a sense of depth.


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