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息吹きの園 / Garden of the Breath


indeterminate form  polyester, color sewing thread

東京ミッドタウン  Street Museum2018

Tokyo Midtown Street Museum 2018 




Even the atmosphere is shaken by the energy of the sunlight, and the scene breaks through the skin to sprout. It is a release of the life force that has endured and spun, a celebration of connection. Basking in the light and inhaling the temperature that pushes up, we awaken again and again. Spring has arrived with hope here.
The awakening of life is expressed as shibori petals using young grass-coloured sewing thread.
We realised that small shibori sizes (3 mm to 5 mm) compress the fabric and make the back stiff, so we made the most of this.
This was utilised to create the dents and heights of the petals without having to rely on the core material. During the exhibition period, parts of the work were deformed and reproduced to look like real plants.


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