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H1200×W1000×D200  polyester, sewing thread

東京国際フォーラム  東京アートフェア  

Tokyo International Forum, Tokyo Art Fair FUTURE ARTISTS TOKYO2021. 

Chisato Matsumoto_Rafflesia.jpg


This piece is the second in a series of works that use motorized equipment to operate. Rafflesia releases a scent that attracts animals in spite of its visually venomous form. The image of Rafflesia was swollen by viewers who said, "It looks disgusting, but I can't stop watching it move!" I connected this to Rafflesia because the movement of the work seems to invite people to come and see it. Instead of matching the movement to the aperture, I considered the shape of the aperture in this work to match the movement of the devices. I gathered five devices in the center of the work and made them circulate in a circular motion. By doing so, the aperture looked like the movement of a chest that is breathing. I also hid all the electrical outlets for the devices inside the work to create an organic work of art.

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