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​雲脈を絆して / Bonding cloud veins


H460×W680×D450  polyester, sewing thread, electric equipment

東京/ぎゃらりぃ秋華堂  muni Art Award2021  入選

Tokyo/Gyarary Shukado 'muni Art Award 2021', selected.




This is a cluster of hand-drawn shibori made by tying cloth together with thread. The shibori grains are accumulated and the swollen shape reminds one of a cloud holding raindrops. The works wriggle around like a sea of clouds, showing a variety of different appearances. Sometimes the apertures move gently, like a light rain, and other times they move violently, as if suddenly struck by lightning.
Even though each one seems to exist independently, there we are, living close together like a large cloud vein. We have expressed what we want people to feel now that the corona disaster has made our connections with each other less strong.

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