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したたる室 / Droping room


indeterminate form  polyester, sewing thread

広島/teoriya LD  原田武 七搦綾乃 松本千里展

Hiroshima/teoriya LD  Takeshi Harada Nanakarage Ayano Chisato Matsumoto Exhibition

したたる室 影2.jpg


この展示では作品動詞の関係性だけではなく、周囲の環境や鑑賞者との関係によって成立されます。 絞った布を一列に切り、畳や襖の隙間に布の端を入れ込み自立させ、そこから伝っていく様を描き出します。加えて視線がタンスから部屋中へ、そして和室の外へ絞りを追うように広がっていく構成にしました。展示空間の環境の関係を読み解くことが、最終的には作品と鑑賞者との関係に繋がっていると改めて感じた作品です。

An installation was held in a Japanese-style room where apertures overflowing from a chest of drawers filled the entire room through the gaps. The chest of drawers in the Japanese-style room is heavy and cannot be moved, so instead of hiding it, I thought of a way to incorporate it into the exhibition as a central role and bring it to life in the space.
The exhibition is established not only by the relationship between the verbs of the work, but also by the surrounding environment and the viewer.
The artist cut a line of wrung cloth and inserted the edge of the cloth into a gap between tatami mats or sliding doors to make it stand on its own and depict the way it travels through the gap. In addition, the composition allows the viewer's gaze to follow the aperture from the wardrobe into the room and out of the Japanese-style room. I felt that deciphering the relationship between the environment of the exhibition space is ultimately connected to the relationship between the artwork and the viewer.

したたる室 畳アップ小.jpg

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