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Chain grown


performance polyester, sewing thread

東京ミッドタウン  アートナイト2018

Tokyo Midtown 'Art Night 2018' 





I thought that natural selection in the biological world, such as flowers, and the competition for survival that occurs in social life are the same - competition for the resources necessary for life, even if the circumstances and environment are different - and I performed in this event of night art, where a large number of people gather and flow and move.
Expressing the idea of living within the membrane of society, the performers put their hands and faces out of the cloth and squeezed it. As the squeezers crowd together, the cloth becomes more and more compressed, constricting the artist inside and making it difficult for him to move.
At the end of the performance, the artist is enveloped by the crowd of squeezers, which buries the individual who was active in the society, and by the time the squeezing is finished, there is no way out and the artist is just a pile of the crowd.

Chain Grown3.jpg
Chain Grown  画質粗め.jpg
Chain Grown.jpg
Chain Grown4.jpg
Chain Grown 上から.jpg
Chain Grown 上から.jpg

photo: Uchida Kazuhiro

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