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 天翔ける根 /  Roots of heavenly bodies


H3000×W6000×D3000  polyester, sewing thread, wooden stool

第23回広島市立大学芸術学部卒業・修了作品展  優秀賞

23rd Hiroshima City University of Art Graduation Works Exhibition, Excellent Prize




I was inspired by the way the roots of a tree, when pulled out, entangle the surrounding soil and rocks. I tried to create depth by using the structure of the box chair, so that the intricately entangled shape of the roots could be enjoyed from various angles. The thick roots entangled the box chair and lifted it up, and as they went down, the roots became thinner and whiter, creating a sense of tension as if the box chair was about to fall.
The roots have the function of absorbing nutrients, and the box chair used in the production was the source of nutrients for the work. A crowd of apertures winds around the box chair as if it were a reminder of the memories of those who used it, and then divides and stretches out while building a large unified body.

天翔ける根 夜2.JPG

photo: Hashimoto Kensuke

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