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​やまのかたち / Shape of mountain


H1000×W4000×D800  work clothes, snap buttons, sewing thread, konara wood

兵庫/六甲山  六甲ミーツ・アート 芸術散歩2020 公募大賞 準グランプリ

Rokko Arts Art Walk 2020, Hyogo,  Runner-up Grand Prize



This is a participatory work in which cloth resembling trees is planted on dead trees.
The cloth for the work is made from green gardening work clothes, and tree-like grains are created using the tie-dye technique. The cloth of the grains squeezed out of the work clothes has a snap button attached from the beginning, and by attaching it to the dead tree with the snap button attached, a large pile is created.
I have been exhibiting my work in various places, regarding the tie-dyed grains produced by the traditional Japanese tie-dyeing technique, which is a labor-intensive process made by hand, as "workers. This time, I shibori work clothes worn in horticulture and civil engineering. The green shibori grains are a metaphor for people who support nature in forestry, horticulture, and landscaping. The way each grain is clothed in dead trees looks like a forest lined with trees. During the exhibition, many people of both genders and all ages participated. Since snap buttons can be attached and detached many times, various forms of mountains were created, such as connecting work clothes together and hanging them from trees like a train, or making them bulge out, or rearranging them in gradations of color.
We hope that visitors will enjoy touching these works and feel that "the shape of the mountains of the future will change depending on our actions


photo: Takashima Kiyotoshi

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