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独歩の衆 / One's own people


H2600×W4200×D400  polyester, sewing thread

第21回広島市立大学芸術学部卒業・修了作品展  優秀賞・買上賞
The 21st Hiroshima City University of Art Graduation Works Exhibition,

Excellence Prize, Purchase Prize

独歩の衆 正面写真.jpg



As everyone walks alone, they follow the large flow of people gathered together and also move the flow themselves. The movement of people in the crowd is expressed not only by the direction, unevenness, and size of the aperture, but also by the coarseness and density of the aperture, as they gather thickly, pull apart from each other, and become distant and misty.
As I felt the work in this way, I tried to insert into my consciousness that I am one of this crowd, living in a wave current, surrounded by a variety of people.

独歩の衆 アップ.jpg
独歩の衆 アップ2.jpg

photo: Hashimoto Kensuke

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