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遊星と魂 / Planets and souls


H900×W1800×D500  polyester, sewing thread

2019金沢・世界工芸コンペティション 入選

2019 Kanazawa World Crafts Competition, Honorable Mention




This is a work using the traditional Japanese tie-dyeing technique. Tie-dye is originally a technique to produce a pattern, but I extracted the squeezed shape and developed a new expression from the ancient technique. Except for the circular Styrofoam inside, I make use of the elasticity of the material to compose the unevenness by slackness and tension.

If you look closely at the shibori, you can see detailed individuality, such as the way the wrinkles are formed. The shibori crowd is like a group of people, talking to each other or jumping out of the crowd in a fit of excitement.
Individuals and crowds. From the cell to the galaxy, we are made up of, and constantly surrounded by, multiple aggregates. From the cell to the galaxy, we are like a star, buzzing like an aggregate.

photo: Hashimoto Kensuke

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