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Imagine the crowd​


H2900×W3900×D60  polyester, sewing thread 

東京ミッドタウン Tokyo Midtown Awaed2017  優秀賞

Tokyo Midtown Awaed2017, Excellent Prize

imagene the crowd   展示風景_edited.jpg



This is a group of shibori. If you look closely, you can see the detailed individuality in the wrinkles. The shibori crowd is antagonistic and synchronized, talking to each other or jumping out of the crowd in a fit of excitement, just like us.Individuals and crowds. From the cell to the galaxy, we are made up of, and always surrounded by, a multitude of aggregates.
Each image from the work is in our own consciousness and confronts the imagination of modern people who live in groups.
I tried to express the group strongly by not only showing the individual by the unevenness of the aperture and the way each aperture is made, but also by forming the entire work like a line, which intuitively reminds us of a "line".
Tokyo Midtown, a place where people with various purposes pass by, is truly an undulating wave of people. Even though the flow of people walking down the street is the same, they act with different purposes from others.
By using aperture, I tried to express such individuals and crowds on a micro and macro scale, stepping into the consciousness of people regardless of age, gender, or nationality.

imagene the crowds 正面.jpg

photo: Tani Hirofumi

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